Welcome to my website.

Hello there! My name is Ben; a student from Wales, United Kingdom.

I love programming and gaming; and have experience in Python, MySQL, CSS, and HTML.

About Me


Most of my projects are based on use of programming.

  • Python
  • MySQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • LEGO EV3 & NXT Robotics
Theatre Production

I have been a part of the technical crew at school productions.

  • Taylor Swift & The Divas 2019 at YGE and Theatre Mwldan.
  • Jarvis Cocker & The Divas 2018 at YGE and Theatre Mwldan.
  • Beatles And Friends 2017 at YGE and Theatre Mwldan.
  • ABBA And Friends 2016 at YGE and Theatre Mwldan.
  • And various other school shows.
Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn A-Levels
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Music Technology
  • Welsh Baccalaureate
Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn GCSE
  • Mathematics A
  • Triple Science AAA
  • Welsh C
  • Religious Education SC C
  • English Literature A
  • English Language C
  • Computer Science A
  • ICT A*
  • Geography A
  • Welsh Baccalaureate Level 2
  • Excellent leader and team player.
  • Able to adapt to new problems quickly.
  • Welsh speaker.
  • Wide experience with using technology.

I love finding new things that I will be interested in! Here's a few of my biggest interests:

  • Programming.
  • Gaming and online streaming.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Computer building.
  • Electronics.
  • Coached a team of Year 7 & 8 pupils for the FLL 2019 competition. 1st place Robot Game winners
  • YGE Prize Evening award for academic achivement. Babell Award
  • First Lego League 2017. 1st place @ Swansea 1st place Robot Design @ Bristol Placed 47th @ St. Louis, MO
  • First Lego League 2016. 1st place Robot Design
  • Technocamps 2015. 1st place Winners


Bit Bandits

My Discord server for programmers to join together and collaborate on new projects.

Discord Server Ongoing

Team Lightning

Part of a team based in Newcastle Emlyn. So far we have participated in many robotics competitions such as Technocamps and the FLL.

Website Ongoing


Finalists and winners of PAConsulting's Raspberry Pi competition.

Competition Complete

Traffic Light System

Project entered for PAConsulting's Raspberry Pi competition.

Competition Complete


Weather monitoring program written in Python built for an e-ink display on a Pi Zero.

Github Project Ongoing

School Productions

I've worked on sound, lighting, and stage management in many school productions and concerts.

Project Complete


A website that can host activites such as quizzes and voting events. This started off as a side project to our school's annual Charities Day.

Github Project Complete

FLASH Builder

Allows you to build models to print on a LEGO 3D Printer. This was made after winning the 2018 Technocamps Live Challenge.

Github Project Complete


My Welsh Baccalaureate Project: server hosting for gamers and streamers. Comes with client software.

Github Project Ongoing

Technocamps 2018

The brief was to create a robot using LEGO Mindstorms that could produce art or music. The team decided to create a 3-axis printer that could place 2x2 LEGO bricks onto a plate.

Github Project Complete


Lighting Desk Control Software prototype programmed for our school's charity day.

Github Project Ongoing

Rage Kingdom

Minecraft Server built for streamer RageDarling.

Project Archived


A Topograph Coordinate Generator written in Python.

Github Project Archived

Technocamps 2016

The task was to create a utility for schools. We coached a small team and they built a pencil sorter.

Competition Complete

Technocamps 2015

The task was to create a sports-related LEGO robot. We won with our creation ZEUS which was a goal keeper.

Competition Complete


Project code from Team Lightning's Pet Pal hub. This is the project we presented at the FLL Finals in America.

Competition Complete


Sandblasted glass backplates for GPUs.

Project Archived


Keep your messages secure with an online encryption service that comes with optional pro features.

Website Archived
Ongoing Projects I'm still working on.
Completed Projects I have finished.
Archived Projects I no longer update.


If you're interested in my work or have any questions, feel free to contact me using the links below.

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